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Pehlivanoğlu Group of Companies, the food retailing pearl of the Aegean Izmir province on 18.09.1980 to conduct its first store opening Uckuyular district met with the consumers.

The purpose of the needs of the consumer organization in those days can produce the fastest and most practical solutions. Until 1990, the founders aimed to work efficiently with 5 branches in 1990, and after years of extensive growth model adopted by increasing the number of branches and the main business line, as well as the food sector, Construction, Tourism, Information Technology, Private Security, Packaging, Machinery, Warehousing, Transportation, Insurance progressive initiatives such as the Agency started to work in different sectors.

Pehlivanoğlu Group of Companies, as of today 103 stores in and around the Aegean region, 1,500 close to staff the area has become one of the most elite institutions.

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